Epoxy Materials

Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy Adhesive offered comprises high performance epoxy adhesives and is available under brand name Araldite in net weight of 17mlx2. As leading suppliers of Epoxy adhesives in Tamil Nadu, these have high demand in the market because of its ultimate strength and perfect bonding properties. Based on advanced two part epoxy technology, these provide for rigid and lasting bonding support for variety of surfaces as well as are also suitable for gap filling purposes. Some of its features include strong, solvent-free adhesives; providing for durable bonding and repair support; provide bonding support over metal, wood, ceramics, dry concrete, leather and other products; high temperature resistance.

Epoxy Acid Proof

Epoxy Acid Proof offered are developed to provide for superior resistance against acids. As leading Epoxy acid proof manufacturers, we ensure the product offered match up with the industry standards and provide suitability for use in process applications like production, repair, maintenance and others. Some of its features include specially formulated polymer systems available in different finish grades; provide superior resistance against acids like sulfuric acid, nitric acid, Chromic acid, phosphoric acid and others; high performance epoxy resins; provide for high thermal stability and others.

Compound Epoxy

we are the Leading Manufacturer of compound Epoxy in Tamilnadu

Adhesive Epoxy Araldite

Adhesive Epoxy Araldite offered comprise strong solvent free adhesives that provide for highly effective bonding support. As leading distributors of Adhesive Epoxy Araldite, these are ideally suited for carrying out durable bonding and repair support and can be used on materials like metal, ceramics, glass, leather, fabric and most plastics. For achieving optimum results, it is advised to first clean the surface from presence of dust, dirt and grease as well as do slight sanding of surface for superior bonding support.

Epoxy Glass Sheet

Epoxy Glass Sheet offered comprise class F laminated sheets that comes developed using superior reinforcing material like treated glass fiber cloth & woven rovings which are then impregnated with thermosetting epoxy resin and under high temperatures and pressure are laminated so as to provide for superior usage results. As leading manufacturers of Epoxy Glass Sheet in Chennai, the product offered by us come with temperature index of 155 Degrees C and features like high strength, superior electrical and machining support; application usage in areas like spacers, high frequency & high voltage insulation, thermal splash barriers and in high frequency applications.

Epoxy Acid Proof

Ours' is a paramount organization that is engaged in rendering services offered by Epoxy Flooring. These are applied on concrete surface, which provides high strength flooring & tank lining and are capable of withstanding extremely high loading, wear and chemical resistance. This offered services is extensively demanded in various industries.




  • Forms seamless surface

  • Very high mechanical strength

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Hygienic

  • Dust free surface

  • Hard wearing

  • Anti-slip & anti-skid finish




  • Epoxy Screed is highly recommended, for use, for factory floor & workshop Automobiles

  • Food & pharmaceuticals Chemical & Engineering. Beverages, textile & pulp-paper, electronic

Epoxy Powder

Epoxy Powder offeredcan be made available by us under options of mastic powder, AR powder, epoxy powder in net weight packaging of 50 kgs. As leading manufacturers of Epoxy Powder in Tamil Nadu, we ensure the offered product provides for versatile and easy usage support. Some of its features include provide for improved compressive strength; suitable for application to exterior surface; provides for superior chemical and moisture resistance; available in different packaging options to choose from.

Acid Proof Solution

Acid Proof Solution offered are quality constitution based acid and corrosion proof solutions that find extensive use in areas like construction, engineering and other areas. As leading manufacturers of acid proof Solution in Tamil Nadu, we ensure these provide for suitable usage with ceramics and plastic materials and successfully meet the requirements of most demanding solutions. Some of its features include support providing perfect bonding of brick and tile; protect membrane linings from possibilities of abrasion; also safeguards tiles and brick from high temperature; improved chemical resistance that successfully meets demands of chemical and allied industry sectors.

Grout Epoxy

Grout Epoxy offered provides for optimum functional support and are highly effective in filling of fine hairline cracks present in concrete and rock. It is applied using injection crack grouting process and comprises options like epoxy resin that is used for filling fine hairline cracks in concrete and rock. Further, the product also meets industry standards and as it is based on use of epoxy resin and a filler powder, it offers hard, durable and nearly stain proof usage. We offer the product in different packaging options as demanded by the customers.


Recommended SystemMixing Ratio Parts by weightAreas of Application
Epoxy Resin: EP – 183100Filling fine hairline cracks for structural members of concrete and rock.
Hardener : EH – 40850

Epoxy Insulator

Epoxy Insulator offered come in superior constitution standards and find use in switchgears, transformers and other electrical components. As leading manufacturers and service providers of Epoxy Insulator in Tamil Nadu, we produce Epoxy insulator using pressure gelation method and come developed using F class/H class resin systems as per application requirements as desired by the customers. Some of its features include suitable for use on bushing of liquid filled power transformers and other uses; offering high performance working support; superior finish quality and abrasion resistance among others.
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