Acid Proof Materials

Acid Proof Brick Lining


Acid Proof Brick Lining offered comes in quality constitution finish and provides for superior resistance against chemicals like strong acids, alkalis, oils, solvents. Further, these brick lining material provides for high usage effectiveness and can handle temperatures up to 1700 c. These furane “C” material is 100 % carbon filled mortar and finds extensive usage especially in areas requiring superior resistance to fluoride salts, hydrofluoric acid, strong hot alkalis. Some of its features include longer service life; customized form; provides for cost-effective usage; superior bonding strength; suitability for use on locations like floors, drains, reaction & storage vessels; compressive strength kg/cm2 of 350; water absorption kg/cm2 of 1%by wt; availability in 25 kg and 250 kg quality MS drum packaging.




  • Longer service life
  • Customized form
  • Cost-effective

Acid Resistant Tiles & Bricks

Acid Resistant Tiles & Bricks offered come in quality construction finish and feature bond strength kg/cm2 of 10, water absorption kg/cm2 of 1%by wt, maximum temperature working of 170 degree C. Requiring setting time of 18-24 hours, the superior constitution standards of these tiles and bricks make these provide high resistance from corrosive & damaging effects of tiles. Some of its features include product developed using latest techniques and coming with superior bonding strength; high resistance against chemicals like strong acids alkalis, oils, solvents; suitability for use in areas like thermal power stations, fertilizers, petro-chemicals, food-pharmaceutical industries.




Acid resistant tiles size:


  • 100x200x8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 25mm (as per IS4457)
  • 300x300x8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm (as per IS4457)
  • 200x200x10mm, 12mm, 20mm (as per IS4457)
  • 230x115x12mm, 20mm, 25mm (as per IS4457)


Acid proof bricks size:


  • 230x115x38mm (as per IS4860)
  • 230x115x75mm (as per IS4860)

Acid Proof Material

Acid Proof Material offered comprise quality finished brick lining material that constitutes inputs like cement, concrete and others and are developed using latest process techniques so as to provide for optimum functional usage. The material is highly suitable for handing bonding requirements of acid resistant bricks & tiles and comes with properties like superior chemical resistance and high bonding strength. Some of its features include high resistance against chemicals, oils, solvents; can handle temperatures up to 1700C; used for acid resistant bricks and tiles lining where maximum chemical resistance is required; Compressive Strength kg/cm2 of 350; flexural strength kg/cm2 of 75 and others.

Acid Proof Chemical Material

We are the leading manufacturer of Acid Proof Chemical Material


Acid Proof Mortar

We are the leading manufacturer in Acid Proof Mortar in chennai Tamilnadu


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